Advocating for clients since 1988

Doggett Law is a business and general law practice that provides quality legal representation for your legal needs.

Advocating for clients since 1988

Doggett Law is a business and general law practice that provides quality legal representation for your legal needs.

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If you are hurt in a car wreck, by a slip and fall, or any other way through someone else’s negligence, things can change in a split second. Your injury could leave you suffering through pain, medical bills, lost wages, and so much more. All of this is due to the carelessness of someone else. We believe that you shouldn’t have to go through this alone, so we are here to fight for you.


When a couple separates or divorces, the law governs custody of children, child support and the support of a needy spouse. The law also governs the division of marital property and marital debt. There are laws that determine when you may divorce, the procedure you must follow, and what proof you need. We are ready to assist you.


If you have been accused of committing a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney can be the differing factor between being sentenced to jail or walking free out of the courtroom. We believe that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

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Headquartered in Alexandria, Louisiana, Doggett Law represents personal injury, family, and criminal clients. Our firm specializes in all Personal Injury, Family, and Criminal matters, from beginning to end. Whether you’re injured, going through a divorce, or accused of a crime, we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our attorneys have been practicing for decades. We deliver quality legal representation in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire whether our services are right for you.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.


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Mr. Kenneth Doggett is one of the best people that I have ran into in a long time. As an attorney he does his job professionally but as a person he is so caring and so compassionate towards your situation whatever that may be. I absolutely feel blessed and privilege to know him. He has done a lot in my family‘s lives to help us achieve our goal. Mr.Doggett , Thank you so so much for all that you’ve done and will continue to do !!! I recommend this law firm to everyone !!!!


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We at Doggett Law know that finding the right attorney to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

Use the form below to contact us regarding your legal inquiry. Please be as detailed as possible. Include your industry along with any specific document requests. To help us best service your inquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve. You may also email or call us to make an appointment.

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